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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Inside The Josephine Hotel ~ Part 7 of 7

Finally, the last part of the seven part series on "Inside The Josephine".  Sorry, for the long wait.  Between getting ready for an Art Show and now an upcoming Jewelry Show at the Josephine, things have been quite hectic.   However I had another reason for waiting a little while to bring you the last part of the series.  I wanted to share some great photos of the renovation that has been underway on the 2nd floor, which includes a few rooms, the lobby, the grand staircase and the hallway.  It's incredible!  

The Josephine is always in a state of transformation.  New items have been added, new events, and of course a new look.  This is still a work in progress, but I believe it is safe to declare that The Josephine has awakened and she is coming back to life!

I won't keep you in suspense any longer.  Have a look for yourself...

Remember the building with it's boarded windows?

Now see her with her windows replaced.

Remember the staircase that leads to the 2nd floor?

Here it is today...

Below, the hall just a couple of months ago...

That same hall today.

The Grand Staircase before

The Grand staircase today.

View from top of the Grand Staircase before

The same view today.

Remember this room?

Here it is today.

I can't locate the one I had of the before photo of this room.  But isn't this one looking good?

Like I said before, this is an ongoing project.  I know they have plans to redo these floors, and they are still working on the room that will be for photography, like portraits using very unique backdrops.  Sort of like the old fashion way.  

The rooms that are designated for art incubators are for the most part complete too.  I just don't have photos of those.  Like many of us do, I accidently deleted the ones I made of those rooms.  But it may be a blessing anyway. Those rooms will look awesome when they are actually being occupied in the near future.  I can't wait to share those photos.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am a well traveled woman. I've been all over the country, a few islands, and overseas. The quintessential tourist is what I like to call myself.  My husband and I are the "off the beaten path" kind of travelers.  We love to go to small towns like Union Springs and soak up how the locals live, work, and play.  And we especially love to learn about history. That's why I like Union Springs so much.  It really appeals to tourists in more ways than one might think.  Believe me, I should know.  It has everything I would be looking for. 

I know I'm always looking for a great place to eat.  There are several great places in Union Springs.

There's art and locally made items. These just happen to be at the Josephine Art Center.  The painting below is by local artist, Larry Stewart.  

Another fun thing to do is attend one of the ghost hunts that take place here at the Josephine.  This particular hunt covers three locations: The Josephine Hotel, The Pauly Jail, and The City Cemetery.  The Ghost Hunts are lead by Faith Serafin, author and founder of the Alabama Paranormal Research Team.

Then we have historical buildings like the Pauly jail, The Courthouse, and architectural homes. 

(Bullock Co. Courthouse)

(The Pauly Jail)

(First Baptist Church)

Union Springs has a few things that many towns across America can't say they have. 

 Like a dog statue....

How about a legal Moon Shine maker...

Union Springs has it's own acclaimed theater where is produces wonderful plays at the Red Door Theater.  Always a packed house!

A place to buy amazing handcrafted jewelry, also at the Josephine Art Center.

I love that there are so many local authors and historians in this area.  I am one those people who actually buys books written by local authors in towns I visit.   Here are just two from our area.

What more can I say.  They say the Josephine was the epicenter of Union Springs from the time it was built in 1880.  It remained that way for a very long time.  It simply fell into hands that did not care for her the way she should have been cared for.  

Today, The Josephine is slowly but surely making her way back.  She will one day be the epicenter for all things arts, cultural, historical, and once again will attract tourist as well as locals looking for a great place to have a meal, gather with friends, hold parties and gatherings, shop or just stop by for a scoop of Blue Bell ice cream.  

Whether you are local or far away, come by The Josephine and visit when you can.  You'll be in for a real treat if you haven't ever been before, and if you haven't been in a while, come see what's new.

Thank you for following this 7 part series.  I hope you've enjoyed it. Make sure to keep following my blog.  I have lots of new things to talk about in the near future.